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jewsign Game of Thrones: Jew-Controlled Hollywood Promotes Incest Out of Hatred for the White Race

I knew Hollyweird was sick, but this sick?

I stopped watching TV a long time ago because of the disgusting filth being pushed into my mind by Jewish writers, actors, producers, and directors who make up the bulk of Hollywood creative talent.

Thus, I have to rely on articles to keep me up to date with the latest crud produced by the sewer rats and sold to the public as entertainment.

The End of Zion has posted an article about Jewish obsessions with incest and the degradation of white people.
Hereís a short excerpt:

The mildly entertaining but highly overrated television show Game of Thrones returned for its 5th Season on Sunday.

The show, produced by two Jews, is based on the popular fantasy book series A Song of Fire and Ice, which is in turn based on Medieval Europe. The content and popularity of the show is bit disturbing, as it is no doubt being viewed by children on a grand scale.

It is riddled from front to back with extremely graphic pornographic and incestuous scenes. For example, last season showed the queen, Cersei Lannister, getting basically raped by her twin brother Jaime on top of her dead son Joffreyís open casket. Earlier in the series we found out that her son, who was the King (and a raving lunatic), was the product of this brother/sister long-time incestuous relationship.

Iím not sure how accurate these scenes are to the books, but they do fit well with the tendency of the malevolent Jews in Hollywood to portray our ancestors as incestuous sexual degenerates, which is simply an external manifestation of their deep-seated hatred and envy of Europeans.

Indeed, they have portrayed our ancestors as incestuous degenerates in their Hollywood filth films so much that most people believe that thatís how Medieval Europeans actually behaved. Bring it into conversation with the average person and I can assure you thatís what youíll find they believe, as most get their history from Jewish Hollywood propaganda rather than factual history books.

If pulling the plug on TV is too much to ask, then at least avoid shows that are intended to propagandize us about what a filthy, corrupt, degenerate race the white race is.

Methinks the Jews are projecting their own sick wickedness onto the white race