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Originally Posted by White Will
Thanks, Alex! We needed to know that you got out of print publishing. I'll talk to Glenn about putting together an issue, concentrating on the current hot-button issue of the non-White invasion of the U.S., and it won't take until June 30th to get it printed and distributed. I used to be editor of Ben Klassen's Racial Loyalty tabloid back in 1988-'89 and know how to put together a tabloid in a couple of weeks. There will be a thread devoted to submissions of artwork and articles but the talent will be gathered off the board and given deadlines. You can concentrate on writing and doing whatever else you think is best and leave this light work to me and Glenn and all the others who are biting at the bit. We'll pull it together for you and you'll like what you see. There are plenty of capable organizers and leaders. They simply need to be pointed toward the enemy and given something to do.
Will, there's nobody more capable of putting together a WN tabloid newspaper than you. And there are few WNs more trusted. So take charge !!!

Thanks Alex, for delegating. Will will amaze us all. Mark my words.
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