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Originally Posted by NotFunny View Post
Since Chinese people are fairly peaceful ...

Wrong. No other ethnic group has been as successful at invading, conquering, and ethnically cleansing the territory of its neighbors as the chinks.

The chinks have been more successful and conquering and maintaining new territory than any other race. China officially has 56 ethnic minorities who territories was were conquered by the chinks over the last 3,000 years. This includes Tibet and Xinjiang which were invaded after WW2. Not to mention that the chinks took about 30% of Mongolia and all of Manchuria.

All of the conquering and ethnic cleansing is not the work of a "fairly peaceful" people. It is a work of a sneaking cruel race who pretends to be humble and submissive until they are in a position of power. At that point, from the stronger position, the chink becomes very cruel.

Do not be confused by jewlywood, or the WN-lite chink apologist, who claim the chinks are an apolitical race and a model minority that Aryan can "work with".

The chink, like the kike, have a very well documented 3,000 year history. It would be very advisable for the Aryan, that while focusing on the kike, to keep an eye on the sneaky chink. Because after all, the kike is not allowing the chink buy Aryan territory, because the kikes think the chinks are harmless.
Chinks are no different than kikes and niggers,
in that if you do not hate them,
you do not know them.
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