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Stewart Meadows

The filthy, subversive jew Ralph Ginzburg was a pioneer in the promulgation of race-mixing propaganda, which we can read about in The Jew York Times:

Ralph Ginzburg, 76, Publisher in Obscenity Case, Dies

Ralph Ginzburg, a taboo-busting editor and publisher who helped set off the sexual revolution in the 1960's with Eros magazine and was imprisoned for sending it through the United States mail in a case decided by the Supreme Court, died yesterday in the Riverdale section of the Bronx. He was 76.
Mr. Ginzburg valued good writing, and his contributors included Nat Hentoff, Arthur Herzog and Albert Ellis.
Eros also challenged the taboo of interracial love

Ralph Ginzburg was born in Brooklyn on October 28, 1929, to Russian Jewish immigrant parents.[1][2]

And yes, Nat Hentoff, Arthur Herzog and Albert Ellis were also jews.

Ralph Ginzburg. "Trust me."