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Sometimes the ones who are called by some as "Smear mongers" have the evidence to back it up. And then you have another group of people who will stand by their man to the very end, regardless of how much evidence is piled to prove whether a specific group or leader has be proven to be doing wrong, or taking advantage of the movement.

I have a personal set of beliefs as what a leader of the WN movement needs to be. And any leader who doesn't fit my predefined characteristics will get no respect from me.

A leader in the movement needs to be:

#1 Honest, and straight forward, and doesn't bullshit people around.

#2 Doesn't straight up lie to prospects just to butter up the message.

#3 Can account for every dollar they receive, as well as list expenses. If they receive more than they need, have the courtesy to say I have an X amount in a pool that I don't have an immediate use for, and can we come to a consensus as to what we should spend this on to better our agenda? If they are honest about the money, then nobody will ever accuse them of being a crook or swindler. If they are in dire financial need, and require some help, just ask, and nobody will fault them.

#4 Be a great speaker, and know how to communicate with people on a personal level. This is especially useful when trying to sway people to our cause.

#5 And finally the most important quality a leader needs. Very strict moral character, meaning that their desire to help our Race and Nation must be above all desires of material gains, because even if they fit all of the above requirements, but lack this one, they will just be bought out by our enemies.

I haven't seen a leader in the movement currently who fits all of the above categories. But that doesn't mean there isn't one. Am I being too picky, or are these reasonable expectations? I expect leaders to set the example, and stand on a higher ground of moral character than your average Joe.