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Originally Posted by Gordon Green View Post
Huh. The North proves to be more liberal for a conservative than a famous Southern university.
UVA is run by a bunch of craven Southern sellouts, which isn't redundant though you have to squint to tell. They brown nose the Ivy League, who are a bunch of judeo-commies, and D.C. bureaucracy. These want straight state dictation of economic affairs. For UVA, Coase was the un-cool friend that keeps you from getting invited to the cool kids' parties. You can see why a Kennedy would be at home in Charlottesville, which has turned into a mini-police state.

UChicago supports the Rockefeller corporatist branch of international finance. They want big government, too, but that bunch doesn't want too much state intervention--just enough to keep their cartels in power. Coase's research was (and is) supportive of schemes like cap 'n trade and carbon credits, which put an economic veneer on what is still a giant commie scam, the 'environmental movement.' As implemented by the Rockefeller crowd, it would allow for huge barriers to entry in industry and a huge new international financial market to control and manipulate. And of course, it would still rely on government intervention to provide the set-up.

I'm not saying that was Coase's agenda, but you can see why Coase would be welcome at Chicago.