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I've already made a post in this forum, so i apologize for the repition, but id like to make my motives clear:
I want to join a skinhead crew. I want to fight for my race. Ill do whatever it takes to prove myself. I'm tired of doing it alone.
Hammerskins are what i particularly have in mind but any active crew would work for me.
I can fight. And im definitley not stupid.
Any suggestions/links/contacts?
And what do they actually achieve, in real life?
They have few jobs, no influence, no power, no authority and people laugh at their appearance, and despise them for their lifestyle.
Such groups are seen as low class welfare dependents by most Whites, will never achieve leadership positions or make any significant impact, and have no future.

If you want to take the aggressive route, as a young man you may consider becoming a cop.

If you haven't already, as they are usually the only ones on forums publicly looking for violent groups to join.
You can choose who you deal with each day, and cops handle more non-whites than the entire movement ever has.
Cops act on the ground, locally, and are far better trained than the military.
As our struggle is against organised crime groups, if you want hands on experience in combating organised crime, then LE is the way to go.
In riot squads or SWAT you can have as much urban warfare as you can handle, against mostly non-Whites.

Firemen learn all about the most dangerous tool in struggle, fire, from how they start to how they run to how to stop them, and also save many White peoples lives.
Consider becoming a paramedic, and save White peoples lives every day. In any struggle, the healthiest side wins.

The primary weapons in struggle are famine, dehydration, infection and disease, usually brought about by collapse of infrastructure, or destruction, often by fire.

If you aren't the active type, or as you get promoted, you'll come to realise that its the finance department that ends up running the organisation.
Who controls the finance, controls the organisation and its activities.

WN are needed in critical positions within the civil service, far more than as unemployed low lifes running about yelling and waving cloths who end their days in cells filled with blacks.
If open struggle ever breaks out, disaster management, emergency services and law enforcement will be critical for Whites survival.

These types of careers, finance, LE, paramedics and firefighting or EMS in general, are portable so can be carried out anywhere if you need to move rapidly, are often highly paid.
Disease and infection are the worst killers, they are the cause of death in some 90 percent of all people who die.
Paramedics and the emergency/disaster services are the most valuable in any struggle as far as survival goes, firefighting as far as destruction goes, LE as far as hands on activities are concerned, and behind all of these is finance, deciding what to spend where.

Secede. Control taxbases/municipalities. Use boycotts, divestment, sanctions, strikes.

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