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Originally Posted by EDLIE Stampton View Post
I would find it extremely difficult to make a comparison between Hitler's Germany and the modern day white movement and yes there were queers in Germany during Hitler's time and some of Hitler's men were scum.
My suggestion to him is be aware.If we go around with rose tinted glasses all the time and blank reality we will surely get fucked over.

I could give you a long list of sex cases and degenerate deviants in Britain from Blood and Honour the BNP(riddled with them)the National Front and many other so called warriors of the white race groups.
I have always said it as it is or how I see it in the real world and on the WWW.
If that makes me sound Liberal I would suggest the receiver of the message needs to analyse what I actually said.

Be aware that we have vermin and state agents amongst us and take a look at the links I provided as the may be of use.
The 30's NS Germans went out on the streets and took out the trash, skinheads do the same.