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Originally Posted by Susan View Post
I need to talk about something other than rallies and niggers and jews, so I'm doing a thread on these cute little guys. Anybody else feed and enjoy these tiny critters?

I'm a big gardener and have lots of plants and flowers that bees, birds, butterflies,and hummingbirds like. I started feeding them a few years ago and they are just fascinating to watch.

I used to buy the red colored sugar water to feed them, but the red dye isn't good for them. So here's a simple recipe to make and feed them:

Mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts water and bring to a boil. Let cool and pour a small amount ( no more than an inch or two inches deep per feeder) into each feeder and hang out on a tree branch, preferably in partial shade. If the solution isn't used up in three days, throw it out and replace with fresh solution.

You can go to your local bird supply store and buy a fancy feeder if you want to, OR you can go to Dollar Tree and buy feeders for a buck apiece. Dollar Tree has had these for several years every summer.

Hummingbirds are territorial, so if you want to see a lot of them in your yard, you have to hang a lot of feeders. But, you won't be disappointed. They appear from out of nowhere and will fly around for hours, sometimes buzzing your head. They are very entertaining. I like to watch them early in the morning before the sun crests the trees and it gets hot.

Hummingbirds usually show up around here mid July to mid August, sometimes earlier. They're at my house now.

For good info on them go to www.hummingbird-guide.com
They are a rarity but I saw one the other day--so fast that I barely had time to realize that's what it was.
They almost never stop moving, only living around three years.
Interesting on the dye, just like food for kids they put artificial coloring into, marketing over health.

Fun fact: hummingbirds can fly in all directions, even upside down.

I noticed one year when I planted sunflowers I had a totally different type of bee coming around. Might be varieties on hummingbirds depending on which flowers, though sugar would be universal I'd think, lol.
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