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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
There are numerous TV shows currently on here in the KWA that glorify the state. Ones about kwaps, lawyers, FBI, NCIS, navy SEALs, and others. Not that I watch any of them. The remaining programming is state propaganda posing as news broadcasts, scripted "reality" shows, sitcoms featuring overhyped, talentless jew hacks making poop jokes, and non-stop race-mixing, White-hating commercials.
. .since television came out . .

. . dramas , lying propaganda . .

Everything to hold the people down ..

Television is an expansion to printed media , just that it's even more useful to propagate the state.

'Bread and circuses' . .

The media has always been in service of the state . . .
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about . . yet everyone had it on his/ her mind . . Today race is a forbidden subject

- me