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Again . . concerning this thread in general . .

. . it is easy to figure out that a figure like 'Batman' is more or less the same as 'The Zorro' ,you know ,the fictitious masked fighter from Latin-America , just that the roles are reversed . .

'The Zorro' , the figure which was contrived first , was a fighter against a tryrannical state / government who helped the poor , 'the Batman' is a vengeful fighter against 'crime' in 'Gotham City'. . Either that or he fights unrealistic 'super-villains' a la 'The Joker'.

He is a traumatized millionaire kid.

The fictitous 'Zorro' , in the story ,is also from a rich background , just that he fights the state instead of serving the police . .

. . coincidence ?

Both characters are fictitous , yet this fact is astounding . .

I made a whole thread about 'social justice warriors' ( not in the way this word is understood today ) here :

. . maybe the tale of the 'The Zorro' was inspired by the story about Robin Hood , 'Batman' just being 'a state-loyal Zorro' , fighting 'crime' instead of social injustice . . . ?