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Some more thoughts on this . .

As long as there are 'system-puppets' around ( people playing into the hands of the NWO = Business men working for their companies; Workers doing their 'dirty work' etc) , i. e. as long as people are 'satisfied with the system' this propaganda will always fall on fruitful ground.

You know , the 'avarge joes'.

Once one is in trouble with the system , i. e. one realizes the truth . .

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You know , police is always held up , solving 'murder-cases' etc

In reality , the powers that be merely want to install an endless trust in people in the system . .

I went into details in this thread

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You know , when you are 'in trouble' with the state / the system you might view things differently.
Sex was once a forbidden subject to talk about . . yet everyone had it on his/ her mind . . Today race is a forbidden subject

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