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Default You guys are making clowns of yourself

And you are making all racially conscious whites appear to be idiots by maintaining that blacks have achieved their successes in boxing due to a rigged fight system that is stacked against superior white athletes.

Offer some real proof of this, or take your nonsense to Stormfront.

I'll grant that past black champions get more press than past white champions, but if a truly talented white fighter comes along, what is there to keep him from winning other than his opponent in the ring?

Perhaps we should ask Eric Gliebe his opinion on this subject. This is one area that his opinion should carry some weight.

Why don't we claim white superiority in areas where we are truly superior? By claiming that blacks are inferior to whites in things like boxing and basketball, guys like you make all white nationalists look like retards.

At best you should claim that the two races are roughly equal, that whites have certain advantages and so do blacks. I mentioned the things like thick skulls, long arms, heavier bone structure and natural quickness. By denying these things that can be eaily proven, you also discredit any white who argues that white people have superior brains than black people, based solely on the physical evidence.

Engage in personal attacks if you must, but I do have some experience in the boxing ring. I have fought against black and white opponents, and I know something of the sport other than just what I have read in the popular press.

I'm not here to glorify black athletes, but I'm not going to start denying reality when it offends my ideology. To do so would mark me as a mindless bigot. And that's not what I am. Maybe you guys are.