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Originally Posted by johnny yuma
Bullshit. You're the fuckin clown, buddy. Probably a fucking jew too.
Ed ain't a jew he's just stupid. He knows like all WN's do that the jew is out to get us. In politics, media, banking, name it. But Ed thinks boxing is exempt! Ed thinks "even a Jew would promote a legitimate great white hope" to make money for himself. Well guess what Ed....even a jew would promote Gibsons The Passion, rite? Hey jews just wanna make money rite, Ed.

Has it ever occured to you Ed, why all the modern day good White fighters come from outside the US? Just happenstance, mere coincidence, out of a White male population of 100 million in this country not one can stand up to your mighty negro? Are your brain synapses hitting on all cylinders, Ed?

Ed, do you think the jew, who has spent the last 50 years tearing down White America and White men especially, want a White American Heavyweight Champion paraded all over jew media? Hell Ed that would erase 50 years of prime time media propaganda that has told Whites that negroes are superior athletes. Braver, stronger, more manley, more desirable to women....White women. You starting to see a pattern, Ed?

But nooooo! says Ed! Not those jews...they would never do that! What are you Steve, a conspiracy nut? A racist? An anti semite?

I also have some experience in the boxing ring, Ed. Inside the ring and outside and I can tell you for a fact that when Ali, aka Cassuis Clay, was in his prime there were literally dozens of White males in boxing gyms all across this country that could have kicked the shit outta that nigger but never got the big time promotions and don't you ever forget it, boy!

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