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Default You are a mighty insecure bunch of fucks, that's for sure!

Why so testy about the race issue as it applies to boxing?

Where is your evidence to back up your claims for a Jewish conspiracy to thrwart white boxers? Is this what is also keeping whites from dominating collge and NBA basketball, too?

Wonder how Ray, Boom-Boom, Mancini slipped past the evil Jews and became undisputed lightweight champion about 20 years ago? Seems like I recall another white lightweight champ back then, too, "Little Red" Danny Lopez I think he was called.

I'll grant you that a Russian heavyweight got screwed out of the title recently (I think the guy was Russian or Ukranian) in a fight with Lennox Lewis, or whomever the then black heavyweight was. The white guy was clearly ahead in the fight, and the officials stopped it because a cut that was UNDER his eye -- a highly questionable call, to say the least.

I've seen a few cases of bad calls like the one I just mentioned, but no systematic pattern of anti-white discrimination in boxing or any other big-time sport.

So, what is your rationale to explain why there has not been a white man to hold the 100 meter dash world record in well over 40 years? More Jews up to no good? Why so many black running backs in the NFL? Same bunch of Jews?

Look, I'm a rationalist first, and thus a racialist second. I believe in racialism because the facts support it. Black superiority in certain athletic fields (such as sprinting and leaping) can be readily explained from human physiology and other scientifically supported facts. The most important human trait is high intelligence, an area where blacks are much inferior to whites. But when clowns like you begin making silly excuses to explain why there hasn't been a white heavyweight champion since, who? Ingamar Johannson nearly 50 years ago, you come across as clowns, stupid clowns, non-rational mindless bigots. You sound like insecure, whining losers.

Hey, niggers are physically a tough breed of humans. Admit that. They are the least advanced intellectually, but one of the toughest and most athletically gifted physically. They are especially good at hot, hard work like cutting and loading pulp wood and timber in the logwoods of eastern North Carolina. Get down there in July, with the yellow flies and deer flies a buzzing and biting, the temperature close to 100 with the humidity about 90 percent and not a hint of breeze blowing. It's hard to find a white man who can outwork a nigger in that kind of environment. And only a really stupid white man would want to.