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Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin View Post
Actually a 25 auto has an advantage over a 22lr, which is why they are still being made and are popular. They have a centerfire primer instead of a rimfire primer, which makes them more reliable. They also have a larger diameter bullet. They do have less penetration but unless a person is being attacked by zombies or a group of bikers that plan to fight to the last breath, I donít see someone continuing the fight amidst a hail of 25 auto bullets bouncing off his skull.

The fact is a lot of people get killed with very small caliber weapons. A 25 auto while underpowered will likely be on your person. Also a lot of kwaps carry a 380 for a backup gun. I think the 380 is the most useless caliber ever made but it is popular with a lot of people.

There is a huge misconception about carry guns. The most important thing is you have a gun on your person. Unless you are entering drug covens or expecting swat to nail you on the street any caliber gun will stop any assault you encounter. People think you need a gun that will be able to reach out 50-100 feet. The fact is if the attacker is more than 5-10 feet from you then you will go to prison. If you canít hit someone at 5-10 feet with a small caliber or a snub nose weapon then you donít need a gun in the first place.

Also when it comes to penetration, I took a 25-auto pocket pistol out once and shot a 2x4 at 21 feet. Not only did I hit the 2x4 but every round fully penetrated it. If you can hit a 2x4 you can hit a person. If the round will penetrate a 2x4 it will penetrate a person as well.
Ok so the .25acp has less penetration than the .22 but it is bigger right?
What about the .32? It is bigger and has more penetration than both the .22 and .25 right?

Why is the .380 the most useless round? What round should be used instead to do its purpose better?
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