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Originally Posted by Subrosa View Post
the M16 is a pray and spray weapon,
All guns are pray and spray in the hands of unqualified users. The 223 is an accurate round up to several hundred yards. If a person can’t shoot a larger caliber won’t make a difference.

Here is an example. I can acquire targets with a better group with a $50 Marlin 22 than some people I know (who have been shooting for decades) can with a 30-06. I know how to make a gun accurate and customize it for my own use. What is the point of putting a large bullet downrange in the dirt?

the M14 is a reach out and touch and is very accruate.
Yes it is but for up close combat which is where most combat takes place it doesn’t lay down enough rounds and can’t be controlled in rapid fire (not full auto). You double tap is almost impossible and to maneuver the gun in a building just isn’t going to happen.

it's a far better sniper gun or a survival gun that can penetrate hiding places than it is when confronting SWAT teams and the like.
It is a better sniper weapon but not overall survival weapon. In a survival situation you must be ready for any situation. While the M-14 is great for shooting at long ranges it is not something you want to carry and you can only carry a very limited amount of ammo.

It is unlikely you will engage targets over a couple hundred yards unless you are a sniper waiting for days to hit a certain person. If you are under fire the 223 is a much better weapon as you can hit your target accurately (if you can shoot) and you can lay down enough firepower to engage multiple targets. It has little recoil so firing several times isn’t a problem.

Another reason the M-14 isn’t a good survival gun is because it is easily mucked up in mud, dirt and heavy dust. I have seen people get them muddy and they have failed. I have seen even on the torture test where they dropped on in mud and it failed. The M-16 has a flap that protects the internal parts from mud and dust. The AK well we all know how it performs in all sorts of situations.

What is the deal with people and these huge guns? If you want to shoot someone from a long distance get a 300 Win Mag or a 7mm magnum. Then you can engage targets at over a thousand yards. How about just getting a 50 cal and nail people at 3,000 yards.

There is a reason people don’t do this. It is not practical. The people you idolize in your avatar carry AK-47’s for a reason. They are durable and reasonably accurate at short ranges.
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