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There is a huge misconception about carry guns. The most important thing is you have a gun on your person.
Got that right doc, even a cheap, small caliber weapon, that you can shoot and shoot well, will keep you safe and secure. Nothing wrong with smaller caliber carry weapons....the key is training and shooting your weapon often.

I have seen you sing the praises of carrying a 45 auto but who does?
I do, in Winter time full sized .45, several friends carry the Commander (smaller) sized .45's pretty flat and easy to conceal...although summer time I currently have a 5 shot Taurus .357.
Note: here in PA open carry is legal...I open carry about 1/2 the time.

The best bullet/gun debate is never ending and pretty pointless....Whatever gun you decide to carry, make sure it works...make sure it is reliable, make sure you have good quality ammo...and make DAMN sure you shoot and become proficient at it.