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Sean Martin
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Sean Martin

Why are we even talking about M-14’s in the first place? The question was about 38 snub noses and small autos to carry. Who is going to be carrying around a 4-foot long sniper rifle to restaurants and convenience stores? Apparently the original poster wanted a gun to keep in the pocket not to shoot people at a thousand yards.

This is exactly what I am talking about when I speak of gun nuts, a lot of impractical information. How are you even going to conceal an M-14? What does it even have to do with a carry gun?

How are we on illegal suppressed 45’s? You get caught with one and it is 20 years in Federal Prison. All that should be on another thread.

Ok here is the thing, the majority of people gun writers and citizens alike carry a 38 snubby and for good reason. It is small, carries adequate power and is easy to carry.

Yes in the winter you may carry a 45 but what about in the summer when it is shorts and t-shirts?
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