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Originally Posted by sean(doc)martin View Post
Here you contradict everything about the one shot one kill. Under fire a person can’t leisurely take the time to aim precisely and make shots. You are walking patrol and all of the sudden gunfire breaks out. A person will not be singing somewhere over the rainbow while they take careful aim and acquire the target.
A well trained and disciplined soldier will still do a fair job of it.
I was referring specifically to a civilian on a street pulling out a pistol to save their life.
Shoot for centre of mass. Anything else is suicidal folly.

Also large calibers don’t function well in sand and mud. But no one is talking about sniper rifles or walking the beat in the military, we are talking about carrying a pistol in your pocket in public places. The 45 acp is not good for this as the only to conceal one is in the winter and if you have to take off your coat the gun is exposed.
I have spent a lot of time in the bush with an FN rifle and I have never, ever, got mud or dirt in it.
Perish the thought!
That is a sign of a poorly trained soldier.
I agree with you about .45 being too big for concealed carry, if one is referring to a Colt.
There are, however, smaller .45 pistols.
For such situations I prefer a revolver, so I would carry either a .38 or better a .357 with the heaviest projectile I could arrange.
A revolver will not jam and .38 or .357 will kill. If you need the 17 shots (or whatever it is) in the magazine of one of those dreadful 9mm Glocks you are dead meat anyway.
The number of police here in Australia who have shot themselves in the feet with Glocks is pitiful.:krofl

The original poster wants to know about carrying small caliber weapons. I am sure with an M-14 you will defeat someone carrying a 38sp. But if the M-14 is in the trunk of the car or in a safe at home the 38sp will be victorious every time. I don’t know of anyone who carries an M-14 into the Kwicky mart.
True, but it does create a wonderful mental picture.