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Default Re: Best of Paleocon Media (and other non-WN)

Hey Sid, that’s Mr. Momak to you. If I was a female, it would be stara momica , or maybe stara kokica . But I wouldn’t expect you to understand that—in my experience most ‘conservative’ multiculturalists are strangely lacking in actual knowledge of other cultures and languages.

At any rate, we should have the type of ‘economic crisis’ that Japan has. A crowded (with Japanese) island with no resources still manages to run huge balance of payments surpluses with us, build factories on American soil, on the bleeding edge of robot technology (precisely because they want to remain Japanese).

Here is another ‘xenophobic’ country that is kicking butt, Germany.

If you read the article, there is the usual MSM call—but they need more immigrants! In other words, the MSM can’t seem to fathom, as Sid can’t, that cultural homogeneity and even labor ‘shortages’ can be a good thing. And strangely, for all their Turks, the German insistence on an ethnic identity has keep those people from rioting, bombing. Unlike the French ‘assimilationists” and the British multiculturalists.

Sid, you might want to take a look at two ‘emerging’ powers, China and Japan. How many Jamaicans, Pakistanis, Turks, in any of those countries. India allows immigration—if you are brown (but not a Paki or Bangladeshi), as Peter Brimelow has shown. You can try this at home—google ‘India’ and “Person of Indian Origin Visa”.
Posted by stari_momak on Feb 01, 2008.