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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

In 1917, the United States entered the First World War. The ostensible reason for embroiling U.S. armed forces in that conflict was the secret alliance that Germany proposed with Mexico in which the American Southwest would be returned to that country in the event of a victory by the Central Powers. 126,000 Americans died in that war, 234,300 were wounded. Men were sent into the trenches, through barbed wire, and died of asphyxiation from poison gas to thwart this ambition of the Kaiser.

Not that any of this matters to John Zmirak. His relatives probably fought on the other side. But, there are some of us in America whose ancestors knew George Washington and Robert E. Lee, and we have some concerns about what is happening to our nation. I don’t have any stories to recount about ethnic immigrant neighborhoods in New York City. I have never been there. My folks were the pioneers. We built this country before the Zmiraks of the world could speak English.

Which brings me to my point: who needs foreign enemies when you have conservatives? Saddam Hussein had neither the ambition or the power to slice and dice the U.S. economy and ship it off to China. I don’t think Josef Stalin was enamored with gay marriage. He probably would have frowned upon hip hop and rock n’ roll, amongst other things, as “bourgeois decadence.” There were laws against that stuff in the USSR. Radios were jammed to keep the contagion out. Milosevic didn’t care a wit about California or Arizona. Poor Hitler, he would have laughed at political correctness. The Führer was an admirer of the Confederacy. A threat to U.S. interests? Insofar as he thought about North America at all, he thought it would be a good idea to rid the United States of the forces that were tearing it down, and we must admit that history has shown he was right.

Zmirak has been reduced to recycling textbook neocon canards: we had an interest in propping up French imperialism in Indochina (nope, that reasoning led to the Vietnam War, which we lost), foreigners are immoral (channelling George W. Bush and Paul Wolfowitz here), we had a stake in the Philippines (we turned out the lights there in the 1990s), we had to save Britain from the Nazis (they were the ones who attacked Germany, and could have ended the war at any moment), we had to stop Hitler and Stalin from going to war (umm, our intevention did not stop the war on the Eastern Front), we had to stop the Bolsheviks (no, we were their allies), Stalin’s atrocities were in the past (Hitler’s lashing out at the Jews was directly caused by losing the war), we have to prop up liberal democracies (why?), we had to win the Cold War (this is what you call victory, half of American children being nonwhite?)

That is how the conservative operates. Point the finger at the demonic immoral foreigner, exaggerate the threat he poses, obsfucate your real interests in a cloud of squid ink. It is the textbook Bush/Rove/McCain strategy. DON’T pay any attention to the invariable ways in which conservatives are robbing you, the future that they are leaving behind for your children, or their cowardice, non-solutions, and lack of interest in solving America’s problems.

Too bad for them that the amount of sand they can throw in your eyes is limited. Reality has a way of breaking through to the surface. Tune into Wall Street today and you will see what I mean.
Posted by Prozium on Mar 17, 2008.

I have some good news to report. Today on Wall Street we had the first of the impending major bank failures with the virtual collapse of Bear Stearns. Not even $400 billion dollars in corporate welfare from the Federal Reserve has thawed the credit crunch. The day is fast approaching when America will sink into the Bush Depression. When that happens, Americans are going to work themselves up into a furious rage, possessed by the single thought that “these people have done it again,” and they will cast “conservatism” down into the same fiery bottomless hole that Herbert Hoover and the GOP into in 1932. That will be the magic moment when “spectre of the Browns” becomes a very real possibility.
Posted by Prozium on Mar 14, 2008.

John Zmirak,

You wrote the following:

“Why is it, exactly, that everything I write--even if it’s about local politics in 1980s Queens--somehow ends up sparking a debate about the dead, evil ideology of fascism? What is going on here, people?”

Because our generation is witness to a measure of cultural degeneracy that previous generations would have found incomprehensible.

People are beginning to reconsider the possibility of racial nationalism because they can see no other way for our culture to reassert itself. The conservatives have failed and those who followed them are slowly becoming more radicalized.
Posted by Tom T on Mar 15, 2008.

[You know that jew comedian line: I got...nothing! Thatz exactly where the conservatives are were and will always be. WE have it, and it is coming.]

Zmirak has no rebuttal to my point that abortion was illegal when racialists controlled America. On the contrary, legalized abortion coincided with the rise of conservatism. In fact, come to think of it, so did almost every form of degeneracy that comes to mind.
Posted by Prozium on Mar 16, 2008.

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