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Default In Vino Veritas

this is a big deal. CIA kills people without getting caught under color of law. So does Israel. WOuldnt it be interesting if the CIA got tired of a "shitty little country" of 6 million Jews off in Palestine calling the shots for the worlds one remaining superpower, and decided it was time to rub out a few trouble making jews to teach em a lesson. I promise you if John Foster Dulles could have seen the trouble they would cause, he'd have swatted them like flies.

Evidently Tenet did not get the news that the USA govt is "ZOG" and he is supposed to be taking orders from the Jewboys. evidently he thinks he has a right to do his job, and that Jews were trying to start a fucking war and pin the lies on him. Which is true.

What else can you infer? While the USA govt is unduly influenced by Jews, it is NOT owned by them. There IS the possibility of defeating Jews. It starts with naming them.

Like George Tenet did on this occasion. IN VINO VERITAS.