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Holohoax revisionism attracts much more intense hostility than other forms of Jew-criticism. I know that this is the case, because I used to make frequent attempts to get radio stations to have either Dr. Pierce or Ernst Zundel as a guest, or to sell airtime to them, and Dr. Pierce was a much easier sell, despite the fact that Zundel is completely mild-mannered. People in broadcasting know what will get them targeted for serious trouble, and "Holocaust Denial" is at the top of the list. With the logic of a paranoiac, Jews prefer the Jew-hater to the man who tries to show them that their fears are exaggerated.

While manifesting an aversion to Holocaust revisionism, Greg Johnson seems to be completely comfortable with Dr. Pierce's old essays on his blog. Johnson is acting in accord with what organized Jewry finds relatively acceptable. If his motivation were an aversion to any association with people who use violent rhetoric, he would not carry Dr. Pierce's essays. If his motivation were to focus on what ordinary White people find easier to accept, likewise he would be more likely to give space to some mild-mannered revisionists than to Dr. William Piece, who can be a little bit scary The Jewish order of preference would be counterintuitive to most White people, and so would the editorial preferences of Greg Johnson. Johnson is accommodating not the preferences of ordinary White people but the preferences of organized Jewry.

Johnson does this probably not because of any sinister motive on his part but because it is easier.

Actually, it does get a little bit sinister, insofar as he is trying to proselytize his weakness to others, most likely so that he can appear justified and correct in his aversion instead of simply weak.

I don't want to increase traffic to Greggy's blog but it happens that he has posted there some reminiscences of his extremely limited familiarity with Dr. William Pierce, including this passage:

Some time later, on April 22, 2000, I purchased The Turner Diaries and Hunter from Dent Myers at his Wildman’s Shop in Kennesaw, Georgia. Frankly, I found them repulsive, The Turner Diaries in particular. Pierce may have been inspired by National Socialism, but his model of revolution was pure Lenin and his model of government pure Stalin. If he had the power, he would have killed more people than Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot combined. He epitomizes everything about the Old Right model that I reject: one party politics, totalitarianism, terrorism, imperialism, and genocide. At the time, I remarked that as a novelist and political theorist Pierce was a first rate physicist. I regarded him as a monster.

I remember when I first read The Turner Diaries. I myself was shocked by the violence in it, but at the same time, I understood the point of it. Dr. Pierce was trying to convey that it's a harsh world and that we have to man up. Greg Johnson evidently didn't sympathize with that message at all. That's revealing.

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