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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
Even if you were going to change the culture, how are you going to do that? [...]So then you want to change the culture by engaging its products, but your enemy owns the tv system. That's 'culture' to about 99% of the country. How are your bottom-up efforts going to have any effect against the mass media? At most they will attract and instruct a minority.
What I've been saying. Masses are beyond our reach (except in a very limited way). First you build a cadre of fanatics; then, later, you might have a basis for efforts to reach and influence the multitude.

Go for the valuable minority. But if you want a valuable minority dedicated to radical change, you won't get it with an unduly moderate message. You need a righteously radical message that a critical mind can respect and advocate. You need to be able to demonstrate that truth is on your side.

If it's a real clarion call, it should even have some effect on the thinking of some people in positions of influence (e.g. Pat Buchanan and Christopher Hitchens in regard to Holocaust revisionism). Lenin said that revolution begins with a division in the establishment.

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