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Originally Posted by Hugh View Post
I think what Greg and others are more concerned about is real life, since their identities are known in real life, and the consequences to him and those he works with are real.
Their price is already paid regardless of what they say about 'the' 'holocaust.' At least two of Johnson's critics in this thread are operating under their real name.

Imaginary battles conducted over the internet by anonymous critics demanding known people destroy themselves mean little.
This isn't a debate about going public, we've had that elsewhere.

Those demanding Greg or anyone else should deny the holocaust publicly, should first publish their own photos, real names and own work and home addresses, just to show they personally are prepared to run the same risks as he, Duke, Black, MacDonald and others do already.
MacDonald and Johnson are already public. They aren't maximizing their worth to the movement by playing along with Biggest Lie Ever. They are actually harming their mission. Whether they realize it or not. Obviously they don't, which is why such a strong reaction has arisen to Greg's article.

Irving was a multimillionaire, world renowned author, and he by himelf all alone disproved the Holocaust in his libel trial, piece by piece, claim by claim, standing against the worlds foremost Holocaust experts.
That is more than his critics, or most holocaust revisionists, have ever done.
Apparently you didn't read what Johnson wrote. Irving never claimed to know a damn thing about gas chambers. Now apparently he's going to claim 3' million were gassed. Which is known to be false.

The fact is that Irving destroyed himself with his trial action against the stupid cunt Lipstadt. That's where he lost his money. Another thing that I've observed personally: he hates that he's been reduced to speaking only to WN, and, from what I could plainly see, he doesn't respect them. That's a strange, but typically English, way of looking at things. Hating the only people who support you when you're down, and caring only about the figure you cut in society. Sometimes you have to suffer. But Irving went weak in the knees. Again: typically English. Why are your people like that, Hugh? Your people have almost singlehandedly killed our race with your feckless treachery.

Irving is in Europe, and I'm pretty sure he does not want to go back to prison again, which he would do, if he did what anonymous internet critics urge him to do. Since his critics know if he did what they urge, he would go to jail, its clear they want him to go to jail.
This is fucking stupid. Bee Gees "Jive Talking" rewritten as "ass talking." All the guy has to do is stay out of countries that would throw him in jail. That's pretty easy to do, and no one would blame him for avoiding the subject or only talking about it in America, where he goes on lecture tours seemingly yearly.

MacDonald is much the same. He could have remained silent about the Jews, made a fortune, and lived out his life in peace and comfort. Instead, he put it all on the line, and has not benefitted personally in any way.
MacDonald lives in one of the nicest, most expensive areas in the entire world, has no children to worry about, has tenure, and makes probably $200k a year as a California state employee. But he did get a really nasty profile by the SPLC. He does get the cold shoulder from his colleagues. He will receive eternal credit for his "Culture of Critique," whether his theory about jews is right or not, but his welcoming of jew-lovers and jew-apologists into the movement is a serious misstep from someone many others look to for leadership, as is his statement that anyone who basically doesn't have the mindset and behavior of a Vdare conservative is not helpful and is going the wrong way. There's suffering and there's suffering, Hughbele.

Same for Black, as if his making a couple hundred profit each month from SF is some monumental crime.
Agreed on that.

If people won't say things themselves in public, then they should not attack others for not doing do.
1) These people are already out.
2) 'The' 'Holocaust' has been disproven.

Therefore all we're asking them to do is take an intellectually defensible position that aids their race, which is the cause they're supposed to be supporting. But if they can't do that, at least shut up about it. But they can't even do that - Johnson simply concedes it. His position is that if one jew died in WWII, the jews are justified in using the term. This is insanity. It is as bad politics as you can get. Neither Johnson nor MacDonald understand real politics, they understand only the faux politics of the fundraising set they're wrapped up in, the octopus around the Charles Martel Society, which is ultimately funded by a conservative foundation.

These all find life difficult enough, without taking on battles to rehabilitate Germany, which is what holocaust revisionism is about.
Your English is showing. We've amply demonstrated that anyone who defends the white race will be called a Nazi, and tied to the 'holocaust.' There is no way around the fact that that charge must be dealt with. But you sorry English would like to see it conceded, regardless of the facts. The fact that the facts are actually on our side, as the fact-finders called revisionists show, doesn't interest you, and the reason it doesn't interest you is you STILL support the wrong side in WWII. You're typical English bigots of the kind that spent the 20th century making up atrocity propaganda at Germany, and you actually like it if, even though most of your own WWI big lies have been refuted, those of the communist jews in WWII still stand.

You put England ahead of the White race, Hugh, you're nothing but Nick Griffin lite. Go bulldogs! Go U Jackoffs! Ally with those commies! Help those jews! Kill the bad guys! Wogs begin at Calais, if you don't count London!

The holocaust is interesting, and a good example of how Jews lie, but not important.

The holocaust was disproven in a British High court during the Irving/Lipstad libel trial in 2000, where it was shown that there was no evidence whatsoever.
It was also shown in the Zundel trials and in numerous others to be false.
What evidence has been provided has been debunked, in court.
The key Witnesses have been shown to be lying, in court.

So the Holocaust has already been disproven, in court.

So what impact has that had? None. It simply didn't matter.
What impact has any WN argument had? we supposed to just lay them aside. The holocaust is used every day of the year to beat up OUR CHILDREN in classrooms paid for with OUR MONEY. That alone means we must take it on. And we have the winning weapons. We just need men with balls to use them. Evidently Johnson and MacDonald are not those men. They should be. As hundreds of people are trying to tell them.

Have you ever seen Greg Johnson article that 95% didn't agree with in main? I have not. Well, in this case, the majority are against him. That's for one reason: he's wrong. Just because it would resuscitate "Germany" and I notice you didn't say "Nazi Germany," which shows your anti-German bigotry, you want to throw away the most powerful weapons we have for beating the enemy. And most of the people who say, ah forget it, just cede the 'holocaust' argument are English-descended. I can't help but notice that. Smart-guy, weakling conservatives. Losers.

Right in front of our face we see real men doing it right, down in Greece. Maybe they're lucky not be overburdened with great thinkers, eh? They're too dumb to know not to physically fight and treat the enemy with disrespect and hostility rather than politeness.

We've seen enough of your English way, Hugh. It has been a disaster for America. We are going a different way.