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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

"The Talmudic Subversion of Common Law"
[Interesting comment at Occidental Dissent]


“The Talmudic subversion of Common Law”

This is a subject rarely addressed by racialists across the spectrum from Linderites to Taylorites. Where can I find out more in layman’s language? I stumbled on this one day and it opened my eyes. Before i realized universities like harvard were getting endowed to create Talmudic law depts. I thought the dialoguing with the judiciary and gentile politicians (many of whom are lawyers) was being conducted by fringe Orthodox sects like the Lubavitschers. That’s not the case at all as seen here: and here:

The new synthesis of Common law and Talmudic law is sometimes referred to as Communitarian law. Communitarianism is the watchword. Europeans are more familiar with it than Americans. The new French anti-Zionist pary started by Doudonne M’bala M’bala is the first anti-communitarian organization in the West. M’bala is a quadroon from Camaroon. Someone should get Kevin MacDonald, or E. Michael Jones to address this slow mutation of Common law from it’s emphasis on individual rights to it’s emphasis on what best serves the community (tribe). New “communities” are being defined daily by the NWO social engineers.