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[good example of applied frankfurt school: jew emanual forces unwanted promiscuity propaganda called sex education on white students. the goal is to demoralize white students, to fuck up their lives and their culture, and make them fit only for consumer cogdom under ZOG]

Chicago parents demand answers from Rahm Emanuel after sex ed lessons revealed
November 24, 2014

CHICAGO – They’re demanding answers from the top.

Chicago parents apparently aren’t satisfied with the steps their school is taking to root questionable sex education lessons from the curriculum and they want to know what Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to do about it.

The Chicago Public Schools lessons in question that were reportedly intended for fifth and sixth graders featured female condoms and their application during anal sex.

Children are also assured that the “morning after pill” is “NOT an abortion pill,” and that “Youth 12 years of age or older can receive sexual health and reproductive services without parental consent.”

Dr. Stephanie Whyte, chief officer of Student Health and Wellness at CPS, met with parents at Andrew Jackson Language Academy “to address the images at the center of this controversy,” WGN reports.

“There was never any intent to have this in the curriculum. We never wanted to with these lessons to teach them to students,” she says.

But despite her claims, the lessons were posted at Waters Elementary School as part of the “Sexual Health Education” curriculum for “Grade 6.” They have since been removed.

But simply deleting them off the website doesn’t make them go away.

And parents noted the lessons were “sanctioned by the CPS board and CEO Barbara Byrd Bennett,” according to the news station.

The parents are planning to meet with CPS brass again soon and “say they want Barbara Byrd Bennett and Mayor Emanuel himself present for the next meeting.”

Much of the controversy swirled around lessons on the female condom, as there are a considerable number of slides dedicated to this particular form of birth control.

Some of the praise lavished on the FC is that it can be inserted “hours before vaginal sex, so you don’t have to interrupt foreplay to be safe!” The FC, according to the presentation, is great for “Women, men, transgender folk,” and you can use if you are “gay” or “straight.”

Jackson Principal Mathew Ditto tells DNA info the materials were “mistakenly downloaded” and displayed in a binder labeled as curriculum for fifth-grade students.

“I think CPS is retracting some of [the materials], which is encouraging,” Armando Chacon says.

“But the thought of fifth-graders [learning about the pleasure of sex] is absolutely ridiculous.”

Parents want to see if the mayor agrees.