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Here is the "Gentleman of Los Lamas" Miguel Sacal Smeke :

The Jew is telling the parking-valet to leave his station, go to his car, and change the tire. Apparently, this kike doesn't even know how to change a tire, and when the valet told him he's not allowed do the tire change, the Jew flips out at the "insubordinate" goyim.

Maybe one day we'll see an inspired dramatization of this brutal attack in a Hollywood film that "opens up discussion" about racism. Of course, the attacker will be a Southerner high on meth calling the valet a "GODDAMN BEANER" then dragging him from behind a truck.

Jews have two defaults: Genocidal hate or fear. Every hollywood piece of fiction about the Holocaust is just Jews projecting their own psychology onto the Nazis.

Here is an alleged case where an Israeli soldier gave a thirsty elderly woman a drink of water for a photo-op, then shot her in the head from 1 meter:

The Israeli army was forcing all Palestinians in the area of occupation out of their homes, but this woman had no children or family, and also suffered from glaucoma so she was not able to follow through. Israeli soldiers saw her sitting outside disoriented, took the picture, then executed her.

Some say she died later when Israel shelled the neighborhood, as if that's any better, but I don't buy it. If you look at her forehead, you can clearly see her forehead has an indentation. The Jew murdered her, then threw her body back into the house assuming it was going to get demolished anyway.

Jews are calling the report a "blood libel", that the woman is not the same, blah blah blah. Anything that differs from the official story of Jewish compassion posted on the IDF's twitter is anti-semitic:

Having known and dealt with plenty of Jews in my life, I can absolutely attest that this people is very capable of this. They've been caught red handed doing far worse.
"The favorite slogan of the reds is: 'No Pasarán!: Yes we have passed! And we tell them...and we tell them, we will pass again!'"
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