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Default Demonic Ultra-Orthodox Jews Teach Three-Year-Olds That The Non-Jews Are Evil

The Jewish tribe is nothing more than a demonic plague upon humanity. The Ultra-Orthodox sect of the Jewish tribe contains some of the most parasitical monsters you can imagine.
I don’t even think you can classify them as human. In fact a new classification of animal should be used to describe them.

Any group that uses this type of brainwashing on three-year-olds is sick and should not exist.
British three-year-olds have been told “the non-Jews” are “evil” in a Kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London, it can be revealed.

A whistle-blower, who wished to remain anonymous, has shownThe Independent a worksheet given to boys aged three and four at the school. In it, children were asked to complete questions related to the holiday of 21 Kislev, observed by Satmer Jews as the day its founder and holy Rebbe, Rabbi Yoel Teitelbaum, escaped the Nazis.

The document refers to Nazis only as “goyim” – a term for non-Jews some people argue is offensive.

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