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Default Jews refuse to report jewish pedophiles to the (non-jewish) police

Sexual abuse of children, especially little boys, is rampant in the orthodox jewish communities around the world: in America, in Europe, in Israel, even in "exotic" countries like Guatemala, and it's probably largely due to the fact that jews are prohibited from reporting their fellow jews to the non-jewish authorities.

This prohibition is called mesirah, and amazingly it has been used to protect jewish pedophiles, which we can read about in the following articles from various jewish newspapers/news sites:

Parents ignore child abuse at rabbi's advice

The Jerusalem Police recently revealed a stunning conspiracy of silence involving the sexual abuse of two children, ages four and nine, by a male relative. The investigation also revealed that the children's parents, their rabbi and their neighbors were all aware of the abuse, but chose to keep quiet.,7...667308,00.html

Rabbis' Addictions Coming To Light

"Kids are molested continually," said Rabbi Benzion Twerski, a psychotherapist in private practice in Brooklyn's haredi community. (…) "The perpetrators are more often than not faculty. When these things happen, they get shushed up real quick and the rebbe or faculty member gets moved around to different jobs. They get shuffled around, not moved out of town, because people think it will go away," he said. "The majority of cases get swept under the rug.

After Molestation Accusation, Dutch Jewish School Adopts Unusual Response

After the Paris indictment, the Council of European Rabbis, in which Jacobs plays a prominent role, issued a strongly worded statement instructing Jewish schools to “stop covering up sexual abuses and go to police immediately.” The statement was seen as rejecting the applicability to sex abuse cases of the religious concept of mesirah, a traditional prohibition on reporting fellow Jews to secular authorities.

According to The Times of Israel and a Channel 4 investigation, the concept of mesirah was used by a Haredi leader to protect community members investigated for child molestation from police investigation.[12][13] (…) The principle of mesirah has also been used to dissuade Jewish auditors from reporting other Jews to the IRS for tax fraud.[14]

This is just a fraction of the articles that deal with child molestation that's covered up by jewish leaders. I will post more tomorrow, folks.