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Stewart Meadows

An obese pervert was seen masturbating at a kids movie in New Jersey. At first, nobody knew who the sicko was, but people noticed that he looked like an orthodox jew:

Police seek man seen masturbating during ‘Emoji Movie’

Suspect in New Jersey movie theater matches description of ultra-Orthodox man

X-rated act at ‘Emoji Movie’ — Man touched himself in NJ theater, witnesses say

Witnesses described the man as being a “heavy set white male” in his 20s or 30s. He was wearing a white dress shirt and black pants. Howell police said the man was also wearing a yarmulke and had either a goatee or a beard.

Then they caught him, and it turned out that everybody was right – he is indeed a jew:

Creep caught 'masturbating at kids film the Emoji Movie' is charged with lewdness

Abraham Parnes, 43, has been charged with lewdness after a mom reported he was masturbating at a kids movie

Parnes was spotted allegedly touching himself by a mother who was seeing the film with her children, Antunez said. She informed the manager of what was going on and Parnes was kicked out. Police were called shortly thereafter.