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Originally Posted by Stewart Meadows View Post
An obese pervert was seen masturbating at a kids movie in New Jersey. At first, nobody knew who the sicko was, but people noticed that he looked like an orthodox jew:

Then they caught him, and it turned out that everybody was right he is indeed a jew:
Makes sense that the perverts in Hollywood are as bad as they are, and they are primarily Jews.
Media glosses over this fact when discussing sexual abuse of children in Hollywood.

Deborah Feldman said in her book 'Unorthodox' that she was ogled by a woman in the mikvah, and that this is common. She was also attacked in the basement of their house by a male relative, and they didn't do anything about it.

That little boy in the Chassidic community that was raped and murdered was 'shocking' to people supposedly, but I think they keep a lot of nasty little secrets.

This is also something you see with religions like Jehova's Witnesses. If a child says they were abused, there have to be three witnesses. It is presented to church elders and without the 'witnesses' they won't consider it being true, and won't turn it in. A crime to keep that a secret, of course, and something that puts children at risk.

This is why pedos hide in church orgs who operate this way, they have a cover for their behavior, and access to silent and obedient victims.

For Jews, they keep things that go on in these communities to themselves, almost operating outside of the law entirely. They aren't raided by the Fed Govt to make sure kids aren't being abused like Whites in cloistered communities are.

A noticeable difference, itz.
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