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Oh , and concerning the Jesuits . .

There also are a lot of rumours about them . .

The first Jesuits were of jewish descent . .

Ignatius Of Loyola

Mostly 'conversos' . .

As was this guy . .

Tomás de Torquemada

The Illuminati ( the name by which the NWO conspiracy containing many jews officially goes . . .) .

. . . more or less fed on their structure . .

( on a side note , even Himmler's SS in the Third Reich was based upon Jesuit structures . . .)

This has even reached a prominence that today claims are alive that some people blame the Jesuits for being behind the New World Order movement . .

What is true is that Adam Weishaupt ( jew ) was a member of the Jesuits in his later life . .

He was raised in a Jesuit monastery , in time got difficulties with the Catholic point of view and is said to have become the personal disciple of jewish philosopher Mendelssohn who turned him to gnosticism . .

Weishaupt temporarily held a professorship of jewish canon law at the university of Ingolstadt in Bavaria , Germany . .

Weishaupt is said to have founded the Illuminati in 1776 . .

Another secret society about which many rumours of influence exist , by the way , are Opus Dei . . .

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