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Default Degenerate Rap.

Having been reared in urban areas, I have had the displeasure of hearing this noise called rap, minus the big liver-lipped fart sounds, as far back as the early 60s. They called rapping "toasting" then. Who or what they were making these toasts to is anyone's guess. They rhymed just barely, and it was noise pollution as it is today. The only good thing was it was kept in the ghetto and projects where it, and they belonged. It wasn't being promoted by the sheenies on MTV or the airwaves, and brainwashing our youth to think niggers are cool. Young white girls actually having sex and children with this sub-species, and adding to our genocide. Motown music saved us back then, as did Jimi Hendrix and some black blues artists. Well "toasts" have made a resurgence in a huge way now in this hip-hop genre. This needs to stop, and the kikes are behind it. It's a win-win situation for them. They got sheckels coming in, plus are destroying the "goyim" they despise as well. Send these spawn of Satan back to their creator. Bob
"Is Tusa Mo Thus Chatha Agus Mo Chaisce Cogaidh"