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. Barabas is new. Do you prefer Barabas?

It happens in Israel that a Degree in Mechanical Engineering can be obtained in something as little as 2 years? It's funny because even in this country with it's shitty education system the first two years of your Engineering studies are dedicated to the introductory phase of Engineering and the latter three years you spend doing advanced physics, communications and so forth and so forth.
Not two years... Started when I was 16 in an engineering college, moved to the Technion when I was 18... You really want the whole story?

And why when I referred to you as a 22 year old pimple face yesterday...did you state :
I'm 22.. And pimpled.. Never said i wasn't.

I have Barabas, you "invented" nothing that is noteworthy. If anything you merely expounded on basic engineering principles .
What did you invent? How many products are on the shelf because of you? Do you have the slightest idea what engineering is?

You did not claim that you are in fact in the service of your armed Forces?
In service NOW... not in past sense.

I'm still not seeing your deatils... Show everybody I'm full of shit, and send me your details by PM.. You have nothing to be scared of.. i'm just a troll liar jew who lies about everything... Show me some white power... Where is this white power people keep talking about?