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Mark Faust
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Mark Faust

Great thread, it really shows clearly how negative Jew influence is. Its going to all be over soon anyway. The Jew is running out of earth to inhabit. That shitty little country known as Israel is a Jews worst nightmare. Jewry does not work when the only ones around are other Jews. I challenge everyone to read Jewish only news sites online. Israel is ripe with infighting and political fraud. Can you imagine millions of Jews all living together in the same small shit hole with no Goyim to sustain them? As Dietrich says its like a cluster of maggots on a big dog shit trying to climb over each other. Israel is a failed experiment by the filthy Jew. Ticks dont feed off of other ticks, they need a host. This Israeli tick colony is hilarious, ticks feeding on ticks. Israel is doomed simply based on the fact that they have no white countries right next door to bleed.