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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
32s and 380s are women's guns man. I assume that you are not female. Neither of them is really powerful enough. Snub nosed guns are for women also.

Revolvers are less likely to jam, require less maintenance and do not leave empty cases. They have a longer barrel in a gun of the same length. However they have too low capacity and are too slow to reload. If one is left handed one has to change hands to reload them. They are less well-balanced, they 'hang forward' in the hand due to their shape, and they have a heavier trigger pull. With a few exceptions they cannot be effectively silenced. They are bulky. I recommend a 9mm semi-automatic, or if you insist on a revolver then a .357.
How is a snub nose for a woman? It is for concealment. If you are going to pocket carry (I do realize he did not say pocket carry but pointing that out anyhow), how the hell would you do it without a snub nosed?

I however agree if you are going with revolver go with a .357 magnum.