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[Did Christianity engineer a people stupid enough to believe in Christianity?]

Review of Hereditary Genius: An Inquiry into its Laws and Consequences

Richard Hoste
October 31, 2009

What caused European man to degenerate? The success of the ancient world brought in less intelligent immigrants. Then the Catholic Church came along and made some of the brightest men and women take vows of celibacy. Intelligent men who weren’t priests often became heretics and ran afoul of the various Inquisitions that were set up to ensure religious orthodoxy.

Galton could have mentioned the Thirty Years’ War which wiped out 15–30% of the population of Germany. Those percentages dwarf even the victims of communism in the 20th century.

One could speculate that militant Christianity created a European who has held on to his intelligence to some extent but has lost the ability to think outside the box of what’s socially acceptable. And if he thinks bad thoughts, he certainly doesn’t express them.

October 11, 2009

Saving Civilization (Part 1)

For Galton, there was no question that racial differences in intelligence were linked to heredity. While he acknowledge the existence of occasional Africans of high intelligence, he stated that, "he average intellectual standard of the negro race, is some two grades below our own."; He added that great numbers of Negroes were "half-witted" and that visitors to Africa rarely met tribal chiefs who could be regarded as their intellectual equals. Galton's pronouncements weren't limited to non-whites however. He blamed Europe's decline on earlier Church practices such as celibacy which prevented the most intelligent people from breeding as well as for the persecution of heretics who were often "the most fearless, truthseeking and intelligent". Galton argued that, as a result, Catholic countries such as Italy and Spain lost their cultural prominence. He concluded that, "the wonder is that enough good remained in the veins of Europeans to enable their race to rise to its present, very moderate level of natural ability."