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[gee, atkins only said this about 30 years ago. the regulation-is-jesus crowd will of course fail to acknowledge that their savior has been telling people to eat bad stuff - grains - for decades - while demonizing the food that's actually good for you - meat]

Sugar, not fat, is real heart disease killer: We got it wrong on diet advice, claims expert

- Low-fat diets do not curb heart disease or help you live longer, scientist says
- James DiNicolantonio says the real enemy is sugar and carbohydrates
- Cardiovascular research scientist says demonising saturated fat has put public health at risk
- Sweden's dietary guidelines favour low-carb, high-fat nutrition advice

Dr DiNicolantoni said: ‘From these data, it is easy to comprehend that the global epidemic of atherosclerosis, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and the metabolic syndrome is being driven by a diet high in carbohydrate/sugar as opposed to fat, a revelation that we are just starting to accept.’

The best diet to boost and maintain heart health is one low in refined carbohydrates, sugars and processed foods, he said.

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