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Labelling him a racist was "an attempt to close down any discussion" and an attack on his freedom of speech, he said.
Typical of the University culture here I am afraid. I have come across similar examples of an impairment to examine a given political point of view or situation in my time at University.

This is most unfortunate as I feel education should be free from state intervention, it spoils the experience and disappointed me greatly when I realised that the search for truth's was being halted.

In conversations that I have had, people have been noticeably afraid to speak their mind in public and or by email, this just goes to show the climate of fear that exists in this environment today. That is a real shame as I think University should be about finding the solutions, not covering it up.

One of the reasons I would not attend Leeds University is the amount of anti activity within the Uni. I prefer to think in a free way without the threat of actions against me if I say or write something that is not of their liking or approval.
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