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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
They're sort of cute. Sort of like a cross between a rabbit and a rat. I don't see a tail. This animal has evolved large ears, revealing that it lives a lifestyle closer to the vegtarian rabbit than the common house rat.
There is a certain species of guinae pig, in Pategonia" who resembles almost fully a rabbit but is actually of the guinae pig family.
I don't mean this one, but this is also of the guinae pig family:


Getting back on-topic, the Chinese Lady Beetle has invaded Europe and is threatening the native variant:

The native:

Sorry. I can't find anything in English, yet:


...Die asiatischen Käfer sind Ternois zufolge besonders gefräßig: Sie vertilgen nicht nur große Mengen von Blattläusen, sondern auch andere Insekten, Insekteneier und Larven. Dadurch würden immer mehr einheimische Arten verdrängt. Wo sich die Harmonia axyridis ausbreitet, müssen die anderen weichen...

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