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Norman Lowell
Default Continuing where the great Yockey left off

Yockey, a brilliant political mind.
A Man who knew the enemy: The Real Enemy.
A Man ahead of his time.

Politically, he went as far as he could – considering the Iron Curtain.
Options were limited, political avenues and actions severely restricted.
The Manipulators in Washington and Moscow held Europe prostrate.

The “bring down the wall” in Berlin exposed the Hidden Enemy as never before.
Suddenly the spotlight focussed on them – the world realized who was the Moloch behind it all.
Anti-Semitism, or more precisely: anti-Jewishness, erupted all over the world.

1 billion Muslims are now the World Enemy’s implacable foe, increasingly radicalised.
What Nasser could not achieve, the name of Allah will certainly do.
Israel is finished and will collapse suddenly – as did South Africa.

Had Yockey lived now, he would have been the bearer of our IDEA of Imperium Europa.
A planetary Imperium uniting all Europids:
the Anglo Saxons, the Teutons, the Slavs and the Latins.

A sealed Imperium, with non porous borders: an Imperium for Europids only.
Food will be our weapon, not cluster bombs or nuclear weapons.
We could starve the rest whenever we so wish – starve them by the millions.

We will adopt a policy of good neighbourliness with the Muslims.
Our food surplus for their oil – for they cannot feed themselves.
We will certainly help them to pluck that thorn, cauterize that wound in their side.

We will banish that tribe of mischief makers, the World Enemy Yockey warned us about.
We will dump them in Tasmania and quarantine them there – with freezing, frigid waters around them.
We will see whether the parasite can live without a host!

Then, we will consolidate our Imperium.
An Imperium at the top of which stand the Elite.
Beyond parliaments, parties, politicians, prostitutes and priests.

Then outwards, beyond the stratosphere – onwards to Mars and the planets beyond.
There, to procreate and make our Race safe from a possible, meteoric cataclysmic collision.
There, searching for the Cosmic Force.

Imperium Europa:
The Book that changed the world.
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