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A friendly advice from one of those 1 billion Muslims you want to starve to death.

1. If you want to be a great leader, and it looks like you desperately do, you need to stop appealing to somebody's authority. You have to do your own analysis instead of relying on borrowed and failed wisdom. Times have changed.

Yockey never understood the Russians, in this regard he wasn't too far ahead of Hitler. And the idea of all gentiles united against the common enemy - the jews - would be absolutely foreign to him.

2. Don't confuse Muslims with Arabs. Pashtuns of Afghanistan are Muslims but not Arabs, Persians of Iran are Muslims but not Arabs, Chechens of Russia are Muslims but not Arabs, followers of Louis Farrakhan in US are Muslims but not Arabs, Circassians scattered all over the world are Muslims but not Arabs.

3. Don't blabber too much. You need to learn how to express yourself in few and short sentences.

About that great idea of yours - starving Muslims to death. I am sure you have heard of the so-called First Chechen War of 1994-1996 (a stupid misnomer - this wasn't the first war; Russia waged wars against the inhabitants of Caucasus since times before America was discovered by Columbus).

But what you don't know is that Chechens were fighting the Russians with kalashnikovs they took from Russians by force, or bought from starving Russian soldiers with food. Russia under Yeltsin, demoralized by the second wave of rape of the nation orchestrated by the world Jewry, was unable to feed its own soldiers deployed to Caucasus.