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Captainchaos on June 22, 2010, 09:26 PM | #

It would be another story if the Jews were merely cynical, then they could be reasoned with. But that is not the case. They have no interest whatever in a partnership with us for the continuity of our civilization, and hence the also necessary continuity of our people. The destruction of both is the only conscionable outcome for them. Adolf Hitler came to realize this brute fact of life, driven home most forcefully by the conduct of the Jewish Bolsheviks - which was aided and abetted by Jewry in the West. That is why he insisted with stern steadfastness on fighting to the end, because without Final Victory over Jewry our demise is only a matter of time. Not because he was a implacable madman suffering under the feverish spell of “palingenesis” - though it may comfort some to think that. And now the true lunatics have an arsenal of nuclear weapons with which they can threaten to kill us quickly if the prospect of a slow death via mongrelization at their hands proves less than satisfactory. It was not the “debased” “Krauts” whom aided the kikes in bringing the Zionist monstrosity into being, and certainly not they who facilitated the Jewish enthronement to power in diaspora.