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Robert Ransdell
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Robert Ransdell

Everything considered I always thought this man was worth listening to, never ordered any of his books but know a few people who did, they were all pretty happy with them, especially the "hidden cures they don't want you to know about".

The "debt cures they don't..." books were also good from what I have heard but much of the information can be found online and in other places for free.

Added onto the cause for a vendetta against him with what was mentioned about the pharma companies was the fact that he was blowing the whistle on all of these free money programs that are almost always reserved for politicians and friends of politicians, stuff hidden in bills that are passed where money is freed up for people who know about it.

I think overall what the persecution of Kevin Trudeau should teach us, once again, is that you cannot go after an arm of this beast and hope to get anywhere significant. What he targeted was a symptom of the problem instead of the source. And of course I am under no illusions that making money was not his primary motive, but he will still be missed by me.

Can't do anything about the numerous problems we face in our world, from non-White immigration to globalism, from pharma companies subverting the best interests of the nation to Blacks and Latinos ruining White neighborhoods without attacking the nerve center and root cause of it all - the JEW.