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Originally Posted by Clancy View Post
Sounds a lot like Hal Turner. Ohhh, the Illuminati want me to join. OK.

I'm not an expert on this kind of stuff, but it's my understanding that advertisers are allowed to exaggerate claims. How many times have you walked by a doughnut shop and seen the sign, "World's best coffee"? Several dozens of times? Certainly only one of them (or none) actually serves the world's best coffee. So why aren't the others getting their asses sued? Of course because it's just an opinion.

So, what's the difference of him saying he has some super-secret buddies in high places that are willing to be your friend too for the low, low special price of $1000 dollars, my friend?

Basically, advertisers can exaggerate their asses off, but can't state any facts that are lies, especially when it comes to medical claims.

How may diets out there don't really work anyway? So, why hold him to this reasonable standard when no one else is? Imagine if you got your money back for every book you bought that didn't do what the book claims? There would be lawsuits for diet books, self-help books, religious books everything.

My natural inclination isn't to side with a snake-oil salesmen, but isn't there an expectation of huckstering when someone has an infomercial?

That guy from Sham-wow edited the video so that his sloppy mess cleans itself up. Again, doesn't a reasonable person have an expectation that a carnival barker will exaggerate his product? I once went to a carnival where the barker invited everyone to have a "Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ride an elephant". Just total BS, but a lot of fun none-the-less.

Well, apparently the judge/jury thought his lying crossed a line that shouldn't have been crossed. It's not like he couldn't afford a good lawyer. This guy was loaded.