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Default Dangers of Mixing between Races!!!

Dangers of Race-Mixing

The “irrational” animal only joins with members of the same race for procreation. People close to nature like the Germanics, the farmer, who is rooted in the soil and close to the earth, who feels the call of blood and race, acted from the same instinct exactly the same. Only the “overly rational” cultured person believes he can act against nature. That is always to his detriment. If two different races mix, their hereditary traits never merge into a new genetic mass that will be passed on uniformly. We know from the study of hereditary that, aside from the coupling of certain genetic factors, the traits are inherited individually and independent of each other. At the propagation of such bastards these traits rather further separate and divide themselves up in the various descendants.
Every racial-mixing changes the harmonious racial make-up. The farther apart the mixing races stand, the greater will be the disruption which such a bastardization has as a consequence. Furthermore come all the disadvantages in the areas of health and especially psychology which result from race-mixing.
Mix-breeds are physically and psychologically disharmonious.
Race-mixing means a slow decline of the higher race and hence the sure loss of the folkish uniqueness. The consequences of a harmful race-mixing are clearly taught to us by history. From the moment on where folk loses its racial consciousness a moral, intellectual and cultural decline set in. The even today often taken opinion that race-mixing is culturally expansive and even culturally creative is false. Correct, on the other hand, is that contact with foreign folks and races often first triggers in us the correct consciousness of our own essence. This knowledge, however, requires us precisely to a strict separation of everything foreign to our kind in racial regards.

About race-mixing the Fuehrer says:

“Blood-mixing and through it the sinking of the racial level is the sole cause of the dying off of old cultures.”

A series of culture-folks shows the following common line of development, which, however, does not represent a law of life:
After a slow rise up to a certain level there follows a short golden age and then a rapid decline. The decline of strength is almost always introduced in that in place of simplicity, sobriety and health come pleasure-seeking, lack of principles and sickness. Simultaneously bloody wars eradicate the best carriers and lack of children steadily reduce the number of the capable. The death blow, however, is dealt by the mixture with foreign blood. It has the consequence that inner contradictions become ever greater. With such division it is then easy for a vigorous folk to triumph over the sickly one.

The Nordic race is carrier and foundation of German man.

Nature teaches us as the highest law:

The individual is not the purpose, rather the means of life.

The German folk is not the sum of 85 million people, rather a great oneness, a community, in which the Nordic hereditary make-up predominates. This hereditary make-up shows itself not only in physical form of appearance, rather it finds its expression above all in a COMMONLY DIRECTED RACIAL SOUL. Not decisive, even if desirable, are the physically Nordic features of the individual person alone, rather his psychological-character characteristics.
The Nordic race is the race of the German folk, it impresses its stamp on our essence, it determines our thought, action and feeling.

Taken from: SS Race Theory and Mate Selection Guidelines
Booklet SS Race theory is the part of Galuben und Kampfen: Fur die SS-Manner aus den deutschen Volksgruppen des Sudostens