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The writing on the wall is so clear. The murderous and totalitarian liberals aren’t seeking “multiculturalism” or “tolerance.” They are demanding things exactly how they want them and their outlook clearly harbors no tolerance for traditional America.

Think about it: there is no possible way for their vision and our vision to coexist whatsoever. The wicked liberals know this, and frankly have known it. They just cloak it in altruistic rhetoric and portray their victories as social evolution; so those opposed are reactionaries to what ”should” happen.

Lost in the blitzkrieg of jew media hype is the simple fact that this is perverse degeneracy. The attacks on our heritage never cease and never will. We are the only ones who will stop them. The promotion of perversity is, of course, a ruse by the wicked. It isn’t about justice for the ‘oppressed’ for the sake of justice itself, love, or equality, but a direct assault at decency and the natural order by the sons and daughters of Satan in the name of good. They are taking territory in the spiritual realm, a prelude to the temporal.

Our heritage was good. We inherited a country that was progressively more moral the farther back from the present one considers. It was also more safe, sane, and secure.

The oppression they complain about white heterosexual males meting on minority groups like faggots, mexicans and niggers hardly existed in all reality in the way it is portrayed. We forget, and they encourage this, that in prior times this country was our country and only our country.

What the “left” well knows but does not reveal is that the fact remains it can only belong to either them or us. They are the aggressors.
They assault us under pretexts that have no foundation in reality and the territory they relentlessly pursue is limitless. The bar for our legitimacy is raised with each assault, with the final end, which we can now see, is that the only way we are acceptable is if we are completely against ourselves and renounce every vestige of the glorious spiritual and temporal heritage we received at birth.

As these things transpire the world that we receive in trade for our unacceptable heritage comes quite clearly into view: it is oppressive and totalitarian and entirely lacking in anything that is actually redeeming spiritually; the wicked ones, in other words, are building for real the terrible world that they falsely accuse us of maintaining but which in reality never existed. They are playing with fire because they want to start one. Only reason.