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Default Re: The Legal Situation in Canada

Typical case (from 2007): faggot complains about Christian website calling faggotry immoral. Here's the settlement:

Settlement is: 1: The respondents publicly declare and affirm that they understand the purpose of the Canadian Human Rights Act
2: Respondents agree to remove letter entitles “Homosexual Agenda Wicked”
3: Cease and Desist order to not “expose homosexual persons to hatred or contempt”
4: Cease and Desist order to not “retaliate or threaten retaliation against complainant”
5: Letter of apology posted to the website of: Concerned Christians Canada and Freedom Radio for a period of not less that TWO years
6: Take an educational seminar on human rights law with staff at CHRC
7: Craig Chandler agrees to cooperate with complainant to “ensure that the material referred to in paragraph 2 above is not posted on other internet sites.